PARC, a Sustainable Community Hub

PARC, an (possibly) aviation community driven park in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I never thought a park where nature, innovation, and community spirit converge to create a truly remarkable experience existed. That’s exactly what I stumbled upon during a recent Saturday evening visit to PARC. I thought it was a stunning petite park and community hub nestled between serene lakes in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

A Tasteful and Purposeful Lush Green Landscape

As I approached the park, I couldn’t help but be awestruck by the sheer beauty of the surroundings. The practical and purposeful design of the community building blended seamlessly with the lush green lawns where mature trees stretch out over an impressive 30 acres (as it appears to me). The sprawling manicured lawn led me to the edge of a large, clean lake, with condominiums lining the opposite shore. It was as if nature and architecture had joined hands to create a symphony of tranquillity.

Tranquility in Symphony…

Sustainable Living and Community Engagement

Eager to explore more, I set out to uncover the hidden gems that PARC had to offer. On one side of the lawn, a structure caught my eye – it looked like a village house, still a work in progress. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a project that aimed to build houses using recyclable and sustainable materials, bamboo.

The Hut, Work in Progress

This innovative approach to building houses had me buzzing with excitement, as it aligned perfectly with the sustainability-driven vision of The Budding Aviator’s Hub. Although bamboo structures have been used in traditional Malaysian and Asian cultures, I could see how this endeavour would bring its use to another level for Eco-friendly architecture and design.

Photo by Kevin Charit on Unsplash

I sincerely hope that it will be completed soon on my next visit to the PARC and accessible to the public. It will surely be an eye-opener to young minds and awareness to green environment and sustainability in our technology future endeavours!

Connecting through Aviation and Childhood Dreams

As I ventured deeper into the park, I spotted a faint steel sculpture in the distance. Curiosity aroused, I made my way towards it, passing groups of people engaged in various laid-back activities. Each group, oblivious to others as they engaged in their weekend family-friendly outdoor activities and recreation pursuits .

Midway, I stumbled upon a family activity that warmed my heart; Elwin Too, his wife, and their two young sons, immersed in joyous moments beautiful families normally have. It seemed that casting small toy gliders to each other was more than just a pastime; they were subtle acts of starting a love affair for aviation for the two young boys. What a simple and yet profound way to kick-start building talent in aviation!

To Young Minds, It’s Real.. Mr Elwin Too’s Adorable Boys!

The sheer passion and immersion of this family scene reminded me of an article I had written about Captain Kevin Khoo, who rose to the pinnacle of his career starting from an aviation hobby. It was as if PARC had the power to ignite childhood dreams and inspire greatness for the next gen aviator! Elwin of course was kind enough to allow me to take some shots of the family in action for this article.

A Tribute to the Budding Aviator’s Hub

It was time to bid good evening to Elwin’s lovey family, to make my way across to the far side of the magnificent lawn towards the steel sculpture.

As I approached, the “steel sculpture”, my face lit up with awe! It was in fact a beautiful piece of an abstract figurative steel Aviation-inspired public art piece of a boy launching a model aircraft into the air!  What a fitting tribute to the aspirations of the Budding Aviator’s Hub. PARC, although unknown to its owners, had managed to capture the essence of encouraging young minds to indulge in simple aviation-related hobbies. It was as if the park had a secret mission to nurture the dreams of future aviators. My thoughts went wild.

The First Flight by Artist, William Koong, Klang, Selangor Malaysia

What was Mr Elwynn’s family, the sculpture, the space, the ambience telling me? Surely, it is, the concept of starting the journey for an aviation love affair being costly and complicated is completely false!  A beautiful picture of the many free parks and beautiful spaces in the country, the region and the world needed to reinvent itself to encourage free spirited simple model plane launching and kite flying activities invaded my mind. That would be wonderful indeed!

Subang Jaya-PARC Connection

On reflection, I recalled my years in Subang Jaya. I moved to Subang Jaya 3 years into my career in aviation as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in the National Airline. That was in 1976.

The then small new township was home to an aviation community serving the Subang International Airport about 11 Km north of Subang Jaya. Not enough that the majority of the population dominated Subang Jaya, their aviation roots were reinforced by aircraft flying overhead, 2 minutes ahead of touch down. It was obvious that aviation was a culture which families grew up with.

Original Malaysia Airlines Livery. Photo by Jeffry Surianto from Pexels

Maybe the steel art piece was not a mere coincidence after all. Since PARC was community driven, the next generation developed probably had aviation intertwined within their minds and sub conscience?  And maybe Mr Elwin actually interacted directly or indirectly with the aviation community, if he lived or had lived in Subang Jaya? I may not know!

It is more important to realise that the community drives the seeds of aviation passion. In the case of the PARC at Subang Jaya, there seemed to be a very strong correlation. And that is material for instilling passion for aviation in the next generation aviator’s minds.

Start Them Young

PARC is more than just a park; it’s a place where dreams take flight and communities thrive. It’s a park practising Subang Jaya community engagement as a fundamental pillar. From its simple, practical and inclusive facilities, to its commitment to sustainable living and community engagement, PARC stands as a beacon of innovation and togetherness.

My Saturday evening visit left me inspired, enchanted, and eager to return, to spread the message of starting the budding aviator from young. Planting the seeds early will increase the chances of infiltrating the Aviation Industry of the future with a passionate and dedicated generation of aviators who will stand for what is right for the world in their field.

Mr Elwin Too Got It right. Start Them Young

Surely parents, educators and the bigger picture of society can resonate with this noble cause! To not accept that it is the responsibility of all, is to negate the aspirations of such wonderful places as the PARC and other God given facilities and the bigger picture it presents to the next generation of world citizens.

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